Friday, April 27, 2012

This one's for the birds!

So if you have followed my last couple posts you know that we have a birds nest in the wreath on our front door. Some mama bird created a nest on the inside of the wreath that backs up to the front door. Well, the eggs have finally hatched and the birdies are making their big debut. Here they are in all their glory!

I think they are just a day or two old. I am so excited to watch them grow....I only get to see this once a year in the Spring so I'm pretty excited about it! LOL

I also wanted to share with you some fresh cut peonies I picked (outta my neighbors yard). They didn't mind and I couldn't stand to let these beautiful pink flowers go without proper display so I put them in the jar that I frosted. I used Valspar's frosting spray paint and love it. It was so easy to use and the frosting turned out great! This jar was just my guinea pig, and now that I know how the frosting spray paint looks I have bigger plans ahead to use it on!

I've displayed them in two different spots and finally chose the little stand in our kitchen/dining room so that I can see them everyday as I pass by. Peonies are so fragrant. {LOVE THEM!}

Last but not least, one of my latest thrift store finds.....a FABULOUS down filled pillow. OMG the second I discovered this pillow I had to have it. Its gorgeous and high end....and drum roll please...I only paid $1.99! Gotta love Goodwill and those who donate! One woman's trash is defiately MY treasure! :)

Thats it for my week. I worked a lot so the only "project" I have to show you is my frosted/striped glass jar. There are so many tutorials out there for this that I decided not to post one but I will tell you all you need to do is clean your jar and make sure it is thoroughly dried, tape it off in a design (stripes, etc.)then spray away with the frosted spray paint using even strokes holding the can a few inches from your jar. Be sure not to touch it and let it air dry for at least an hour. Easy peasy and oh so cute!

Have a great weekend my friends!


  1. Your peonies are stunning!! I love the jar you are displaying them in too. That pillow is so pretty! Thanks for stopping over!

  2. What a thrifty find at Goodwill! But, I think I liked the baby birds the most. Hope you'll get shots when they begin to fly. Enjoyed your post!


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