Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Addition to the Master Bedroom-Seagrass Basket

While I was out the other day with my BFF, I decided to run by Marshalls-one of my favorite discount stores, to see if I could find a good deal on some sea grass baskets. Normally when I go out SPECIFICALLY looking for a particular item I can not find it, but this day must have been my day because there it was.
A HUGE sea grass basket for $20 bucks! Woot woot!
Not only do I absolutely LOVE the coastal look of sea grass baskets and rugs,we also have a lot of quilts and blankets that I have collected over the years and they are stacked high in the spare bedroom and nowhere around when you need one.
So, I put an end to that real quick by organizing some of them in my new basket and keeping it in our bedroom next to my jewelry table.
Now the blankets and quilts are always there when we need one!
After all, I did BUY the darn things and would like to see them from time to time so I displayed them nicely in my new sea grass basket for all to see AND use!
If you aren't familiar with these baskets, let me fill you in on how much they can cost.
Here is a set from Restoration Hardware that range from $79-$199.
WAY out of MY budget considering I need more than just one!
Seagrass Baskets
Restoration Hardware
Then there is this beauty from West Elm. I love it. Love the shape and handles, BUT again, this XL size that holds blankets runs around $199 which is not how a thrifty girl like me shops!
Oversize Seagrass Basket
West Elm 
Then there is the poster child of sea grass baskets. This beauty from Pottery Barn. Yes, we all love it but the price is as high as the others, so as much as I would love to, I just can't!!!
Beachcomber High Rectangular
Pottery Barn
But there ARE cheaper options. You CAN achieve the same look without the price.
I scored my basket for $20 bucks and can buy TEN of them for the price of one designer brand!  
My basket has been dipped so the the bottom is white, which I liked better than the plain basket. I thought it had more of a beachy/cottagey look so I chose this one.
Here is an up close and personal view.

I just love my  new basket! It has really helped bring some organization to my collection of blankets and quilts that were once shoved behind closed doors of our spare bedroom.
Now they are proudly displayed in a beautiful new basket and ready to be used anytime!
If you  are like me and have collections of things you love stored away, I encourage you to do the same and get those pretties out for everyone to see and use!

I love my basket and its a reminder to me that you don't have to compromise on style when you are decorating on a budget.
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Several discount stores sell these marked down to a fraction of what the high end retailers sell them for.  (and I was not compensated for mentioning Marshalls....just thought you all would like to know where I found the basket).
P.S. Over this next week I will be sharing more sea grass decor ideas so stayed tuned for more gorgeous sea grass looks!

Have a fabulous day!

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