Thursday, June 11, 2015

And the Bushes are GONE!

To bring you up to speed on my Summer house project go HERE to see what we started with.
These evergreen bushes are about 30 years old.
They are HUGE!
(about 4 ft x 4 ft)
and had seen better days.

They look ok from this angle, but you can see what they look like up close and its not pretty.

You go HERE to read more about them and why I decided to have them removed. 

They were so larger and overgrown that I could never fully
clean the leaves out of the landscaping so to me it always looked messy.
So they had to go.
I have never had bushes removed before so I didn't know what to expect when I decided to have SIX of them removed.
When the landscapers arrived they had a system down.
One guy used a chain saw to cut the bush down to a nub.


 Look at all that open space!
After the guy cut the bushes down he carried them to the "mulcher" where they got chopped up.
Now it was time for the next guy to do his "thing".
He was the operator of the stump grinder.
I have never seen one of these in action before and let me just tell you.....its a bad mamajamma!
It will DESTROY everything in its sight, so watch out!

Look at that HUGE blade! Watch out that sucker was pulverizing everything in sight!


So the guy basically walked that machine down through the area where the bushes were and grinded everything in side down to about a foot deep.
If you are having bushes removed I HIGHLY recommend this step, especially if you intend on replanting stuff in their place.
You will need the old stump and roots removed in order to plant new landscaping.
So after this, they put the soil back over the holes and you're good to go!
We now have a blank space to begin landscaping.

See the clumps that were left behind?
I am digging up these little guys. They are Euonymus shrubs. I don't really consider them a "bush" or shrub, but that's what they're called. I will simply dig them up and give them away or replant them somewhere else. I haven't quite decided yet.

Look at all the empty space! Yay!

No more overbearing bushes taking over everything and stealing sunlight!!!!

You may remember this space in front of the porch. I have tried several different things in this spot. It gets FULL SUN so there are lots of fun things that can go here. 

HERE are the bulbs I planted last Fall, but my favorite yet were the Zinnias. You can see them HERE.

Down by the driveway you will see my Iris on the left. I plan on digging them up and getting a different variety of Iris to put here.

And then of course I tried salvaging the Barberry and Holly bushes.

They were overgrown too but I kind of like them where they are. I trimmed the Barberry down pretty low this past Winter but it grew right back up to the size it was before, so I think I will give it one more year. This time I'm trimming WAY down to just a couple inches. Same with the Holly.

I will probably be taking it out but if I can get it down to a smaller size then she can stay.


So now I have all this space to clean up, fill with new landscaping, and mulch.
I have waited for this day for nine years and have spent many hours day dreaming about what I would do with the front of my house if I could just get those bushes removed.
Now here we are and I can't wait to show you the big reveal!


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