Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer House Project #1 Is Officially Underway

All the rain and flooding we have had in the Mid-West has put my outdoor home projects on hold.
All the local landscapers are backlogged and having to rearrange their jobs around the weather.
I had scheduled for TWO exterior home projects 
(hint hint) to be completed back around the end of MARCH but the rain just kept coming and coming so I had to wait until April, then it got worse in April and May so here we are the first week of June and I am happy as ever to tell you that the work has FINALLY been done!
So for starters here is a BEFORE picture of the front of the house.
Not too shabby, could use some updating but nothing to send you running for the hills........................................UNTIL you get a little closer.


Lets come a little closer..........


Ah ha! Right there. Now you see it? I have six bushes that are Yews that edge off the front of my house.
Have you ever tried trimming a Yew? A 30 year old Yew?
Its not fun. I love the evergreen color that they provide and their needles are soft and move with the wind, sounds great, right? Well, not only were they old and WAY overgrown, three of them also got burned by the sun back in 2012 when we had a drought.

This guy is RIGHT BY my FRONT DOOR so he is the MAIN thing you see as you approach my porch. Nice.........

So as you can see, the bushes had to go, and the reason they are a pain in the butt is that they are also hard to trim because once you trim past the tip of their needles the inside of the bush is nothing but sticks/limbs, so you can't trim them too far back or you will kill the bush.

Consequently, over the course of time you end up with a bush half the size of your HOUSE! LOL

So the landscapers FINALLY were able to get me in to pull out the bushes.

I am super excited about redoing the landscaping in the front because it severely needs an update. I had wanted to do this the first year after I bought the house and realized the bushes were a pain, but cost and fear were two of my big factors at the time. I was a new home owner and had NO IDEA about maintenance and care of trees and bushes.

But nine years into it and trying different things I am now ready for the change.

So bye-by half dead bushes and hello gorgeous!

I can't wait to show you what I have in store for the landscaping. I've been picking up plants here and there as I find them on sale and its been fun getting creative with the space!

and hint, project #2 was able to be completed too now that the rain has let up for a few days. I will reveal that project soon!

Remember my projects from last year? You can go HERE and HERE to get updated on last year's Summer projects.

Have a wonderful week!!!!


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