Monday, June 15, 2015

New Beachy Decor

Life around here has been super busy since I have a couple different projects going on simultaneously.
You may remember I started my staircase makeover earlier in the Spring. I got off on the right foot with a strong start but then fizzled out along the way and got burned out.
I was anxiously waiting for warmer weather to take a break from the staircase and start on my outside projects then we got day after day of rain and flooding, so then my outside projects fell behind too. (tis the story of my life)
Sssooooo, after a few sunny days I finally got outside project #1 underway and have been working on it ever since. You can read about it HERE.
I plan on picking back up on the staircase makeover soon too but until then I thought I would give you a sneak peek of some new Summer décor I bought.  
See my new Summer pillow? I found this at TJMaxx the last time I was in there and I had to have it.
As you walk in the front door of my home you see my white arm chair.  I always like to change my pillows out with the seasons so when I came across this pillow I knew it would make a great addition to my living room and I would use it on the white chair.

The cording around the edge looks like rope and the stripes are a pretty shade of aqua/turquoise that remind you of the blues you see in the ocean.

You may remember last year I updated the pillows on my couch. You can see pics and read them HERE.

I love pillows but have to watch how many I buy because they take up so much space. I have scaled back and when  I shop at thrift stores I remove the pillow and only bring the case home since I have so many pillow forms already. This helps save some space!

The heat is rising and its starting to finally feel like Summer around here.
Lets just hope this rain goes away soon!
Have a wonderful week!

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