Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Adding Spring Touches

You may remember last year I started transforming my front room from yellow to gray.
You can read about it and see the before and after HERE.

After changing out the wall color I refreshed the space with new accessories and moved some things around.

I'm still playing with the space above the couch, but this space right as you walk in from the mudroom adorns two shelves and a sofa table I have had for about eight years. I have used this table in my kitchen and in the entry way at the other house, and really enjoy it here on this wall.

I keep the monogram and star on the shelves all year round but change out the other accessories with the seasons.

Starting with the top shelf I added a geometric sphere and planter from Ikea.

My decorating style is pretty traditional with a coastal cottage flair but the geometric sphere adds a little interest to the space.

On the bottom shelf I added a new Spring print I bought for a couple bucks from a daily deals website. I framed it in a white distressed frame with burlap matting I found on clearance at Target recently.

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I wanted to add a mirror somewhere on this wall but didn't want to take up too much shelf space so I added a mirrored star. I use this star all year round and love it how it looks with  the mixed metal too. Not too brassy and not to silvery.
Its just right! 

Down on the table I keep it simple with a small lamp, monogrammed tray and polka dot mason jar filled with faux peonies.

I try to keep this space clutter free so I can sit my purse or keys down when I come in from the garage.

Here are those gorgeous peonies! I am obsessed with them and hope that his year my REAL peonies will actually bloom!
I planted them in 2014 and they come up every year but no blooms!!!!! :(

Across the room I have a gray slip covered side chair with a small stool turned table, and a glass vase with bright pink flowers.  I changed out my winter sweater pillow covers with this white and gray checked pillow, and added some color with this vase of flowers.

These flowers really add a punch of color and are a focal point in the front room.  Can you believe they are thrifted? I got the entire bunch for $5 bucks!

I love them!

So there ya have it.
Just a few Spring touches to brighten up the front room!


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