Monday, November 19, 2012

Pet Food Station Makeover

If you're like me you probably never really gave thought about making your dog or cat food bowls stylish. Lets face it.....animals don't really care what their bowls look like and they would eat the food if it were thrown onto a concrete floor, and I'd rather put my money to better use..........but WE care how it looks and THIS, my friends, is an eye sore! It was a space that desperately needed some attention at our house!
We like our surroundings to be pretty and reflect our style so when Mr. Chaos and I merged homes I thought it was time to update Layla's feeding area too. Layla is a Lab mix and weighs about 70lbs so at my house she ate outside and had stainless steel bowls, but since she is inside most of the time now the old bowls just weren't doing it for me and these plastic ones need some help.  

Sure, they were functional but they were UGLY! So I had thoughts of creating a pet food station for her that was not only functional but pretty as well. She is a girlie girl (like her mama) so I knew I wanted something a little french country/shabby chic for her look too but some of the pet accessories are expensive!
I like stainless steel bowls and had this in mind.....

This one was from Amazon and was $35 bucks PLUS $10 shipping but I wasn't going to pay more than $10 bucks for one, TOTAL. Yes, I know, I am cheap, esp when it comes to the dog's accessories! I have spent WAY too much money on dogie boutique collars and sweaters, and costumes for Layla  in the past and she ruins them, so cheap is the way to go with her.
Since I am so cheap and I hoped I would find something when I was out garage sale-ing or thrifting and I never did..........until now.
I am excited to share with you what I found last week for $5 bucks ($4.96 to be exact)-

Here is what the old dogie food area looked like-

Dirty bowls and a colorful mat that says I Love My Dog on it. She used it for 4 years and its got slobber stains and dog hair all over it so I threw it out and replaced it with this beige and white polka dot rug I found at a dollar store for $1.

I gave the bowls a thorough washing and put it all together and now it looks like this-

SO MUCH BETTER NOW! It was such an eye sore before and quite honestly I never even gave it much thought until now, and I am glad I gave her spot a makeover for $6 whopping bucks!  Plus having her food and water rasied will help her not strain when she eats too.

So here is the before and after:

Much better now!

....And here is Miss nosey britches checking out everything to see what I was doing...and she approves! :) 

So don't forget when you are updating your home to include places like the dog food station too. These are spaces that often go overlooked.

Have a great week!


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  1. Just for the record, my 10 year old daughter says it is way better!! :) She is also the dog lover and would do the same for her dog!

  2. I love your new feeding station! I did something very similar. The way I see it, it is prettier to look at! :) Thank you for your visit today. I couldn't email you back, for some reason your comments keep showing up as non reply. I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment. Have a very, very Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. lucky pups !!!! Thanks for linkin up tonight!!! Deb Vintage On A Dime

  4. I love it! Where did you find such a deal?? Would love to do that!

  5. Your pets so lucky ... I appreciate your thoughts towards your caring of pets !! Pet Jewelry


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