Monday, May 20, 2013

Faux Boxwood Wreath Wall Art

I hope everyone is having a great Monday! We're having major thunder storms here in the KC area this week so I have been dodging rain showers while trying to get flowers planted and decided to come inside for a bit and finish a project I started a while ago.
As you may remember, we stared redoing our master bedroom a few months ago when we decided to totally switch the color scheme to a "greige" color.
Now that we have most of the bedding, I have been working on creating a little wall art for our newly painted space.
I was inspired by all of those gorgeous boxwood wreaths I have seen around lately, so I decided to create something with a similar look.
Boxwood Wreath
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I really love the look of those boxwood wreaths you see everywhere, but they are so darn expensive so I decided to let out my inner thrifty chick and try to recreate my own version of a boxwood wreath.


And here is what I came up with-
I had this heart shaped twig formation for a while now that I got at a thrift store for about $0.50 cents.
I was also VERY happy to find not one, but TWO, long strands of chained greenery at the thrift store for $1.99 each!
(oh yeah!)
If you do not know what that is, take a look.

It is greenery that you can drape along something like a table or fireplace, or you can wrap it around something because it is attached to a chain like this.
See the chain? This picture is from Hob Lob, and each strand runs $9.99! That's basically $20 bucks for two strands of greenery!
Luckily, I found mine at the GW for $1.99 each.
So for less than $5 bucks I have two strands of garland AND the twig wreath form. 
So wrap your greenery around he formation like this.....
Now, my greenery is not boxwood but it looks very similar.
The leaves on my greenery are rounded like the boxwood leaves and the colors are very similar too, so it was the perfect greenery for my project! 
Now, attach your new wreath to a piece of white bead board with one of those peel and stick hooks like so.

For added interest I stenciled the word LOVE with a heart onto my bead board.
And here is the finished product hanging on the wall with those adhesive strips.
This is the beginning of a full wall collage that I am working on, but for now this is the only piece that is up and I hope to have more time to work on it this weekend.

I have the rest of the wall to finish but this is it for now!
Once the rain subsides I will be back outside to work in the yard.
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I hope you enjoyed my faux boxwood wreath wall art.
It is so easy to fact it can be done in a half hour while you are stuck inside from the rain!
Have a fabulous week!
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