Monday, May 6, 2013

The Big Announcement-We're Engaged!

Ok, the time has come and I'm ready to make my big announcement......
If you follow me on Facebook then you have probably seen the pictures and got the announcement......

But before I announced it to the world I wanted to make sure my closest friends and family were told.........
So now that the cat is outta the bag.......I am ready to tell the world
I'm super excited about our upcoming engagement party where we will celebrate with our closest friends and family and kick off all of the events that we have planned.
Wedding is set for NEXT June, so I have plenty of time to plan! (me no likey to be rushed) :)
...oh and I promise not to become a BRIDEZILLA on ya'll too! 
So, that's what is going on in my life and if there are points in time where I don't post for a week, please just know that this is a busy time for me and I am doing my best to balance a full time career, the blog, the selling of my house, and planning a wedding.
sshhheewww! That's a lot to do in 12 short months!
But I've been working hard and have a mud room reveal for you, a home improvement DIY post in store, and a final posting on my segrass basket series to help you Spring into Summer.
So more to come later this week, but in the mean time now that everyone knows, please email me with any wedding tips and tricks that you found helpful so I can make note of it!
Thanks to my BFF aka maid of honor, I now have a wedding planner book and I will be collecting advice and tidbits so please share!
Ok, that's all for now....
Group hug!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS. Happy for you. You sure do have lots going on. Hope all goes well with selling your home. That will help a bunch, leave you to concentrate on wedding and working. Have some fun too.

  2. Congratulations! You make such a cute couple!


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