Friday, April 25, 2014

No More Ants! Tips for Keeping Ants out of the House!

pest control tips
Now that it is Spring I thought I would share with you my favorite pest control tips for keeping ants out of the house.
 Pest control is not a fun topic to talk about but it is a fact of everyday life.
There are many different ways to do this but I am going to show you the ways that have successfully worked for ME.
For starters, lets talk about how ants live.
As most of us already know, ants build a nest somewhere underground that is usually close to a water source or moist area in the yard.
That's why many of us get ants in our kitchens. They need water so somehow those little buggers find their way into our house and its usually in the kitchen!
Your first tendency will probably be to set out a ant bait or spray around the areas where the ants are with ant spray.
The problem with spraying for ants is that you only kill the ones you see.....which means the rest of the aunt colony has gone untouched.
They are still there trying to get into your home so by spraying you may have blocked them from coming into your home at the place where you sprayed but by the time they get near the spray they are already in your house!
This will only divert them to a different place where you have not sprayed.
So my opinion, spraying ants is a waste of time.
My favorite method for keeping ants out of my home is by using these granules.
This stuff is awesome!
It kills off ants, spiders, roaches, and a few other bugs that nobody wants around
and you use it OUTSIDE so it doesn't even get anywhere near your living space!
All you do is unzip the bag open
 then you will find a built in shaker.
You don't even need a spreader or any tools for applying this!
All you do is simply shake the granules around your foundation.
See the little granules in this picture?
That's it!
Just lay your mulch right over it and nobody will ever know its even there!
It takes about 15 minutes to shake it around and for my house the one bag lasts for about two to three summers!!!!
So what makes the granules so much better than using spray?
Well, the ants walk thru the granules and they carry them back underground with them to the nest thinking they are a food source and then you kill off the entire colony of ants, including the Queen.
Which is EXACTLY what you need to do to successfully get rid of the ants!
A few other tips for keeping ants out of your house are to set around items that the ants do not like.
For instance, ants do not like the smell of mint
so they stay away from the space wherever you set out mint leaves or even peppermint gum!
I like using this method in my spice cabinet to ensure ants do not get in there.
Some other smells that I have heard ants don't like are
chili powder, cinnamon and borax.
Keep in mind that these smells, just like the mint, keep ants out of a
specific space where you put this stuff
but they do not keep ants out of your entire house!
That's why I prefer to use the granules so you protect your entire house from the outside-in.
As I said before, ants are thirsty and gravitate towards water, so if you have stagnant water or moisture around your house it will draw ants.
So get rid of those water sources first and foremost.
Then use the granules around your house, and for some extra precaution try sitting out some of the organic items like the spices or the borax to detour any straggling ants that find their way into your home.
I was not compensated in any way to promote this product, I just find it affective and wanted to share my tip with you.
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