Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Upholstered Bed at the Thriftstore?!

There have been some terrific finds lately at my local thrift stores and I wanted to share with you what I found.
Now, before I unveil the goods, I have to get on my podium for a moment and speak to those of you who are not thrift store shoppers.
If you think that everything is junk, you are in the wrong mindset.
Sure. I totally agree that there is a lot of stuff deemed as "junk" but even junk has a useful life to someone, so change that mindset and embrace all that the thrift stores have to offer.....you may be pleasantly surprised!
Ok, now back to our regularly scheduled post. LOL
I found these two upholstered headboards at two different GW stores in my town.
This one would look PERFECT in my bedroom!
It has a dark espresso wood finish around the edge and a soft velvety microfiber upholstered fabric.
It was in perfect condition, and you can see the movement of the microfiber fabric from my hand as I inspected it.
It would look great in my bedroom but I don't believe it was the right size. I need a queen size and this appeared to be a full.
I admit that I was unprepared with my measurements 
(I know, shame on me) but I was running in for a quick
drive-by and was not expecting to find a new head board.
So I "think" it was too small but I will never know now.
I do love this piece though and hope it found a good home!!! 
Now, this next head board is sooo cute and at $9.99, I was going to snatch it up and turn it into a bench, .....BUT I did not allow myself to buy it until I clean out my garage and have my annual garage sale.
Dang me for being so financially responsible!
No fun!
Isn't it adorable?! I love the green color.
It was in great shape too. No stains, rips, tears, smells, or anything!
I really wanted this BADLY but it was a twin size so I could not use it thus had to let someone else give it a forever home.
Then of course there was this yellow sign that I picked up to use in my office.
Ok, so those were my fabulous thrift store finds but my last find I want to share with you was at Lowe's.
As I was browsing the lighting aisle I came across this GORGEOUS chandelier that retailed for over $119 and was on sale for $29!!! 
Hello! Say what?!
Yes!!! This was one of those times where I wanted to snatch it up in hopes to use it down the road, but, once again, I did not have an immediate need for it so I had to let it pass.
Look at it sparkle! I love it!

So there ya have it. These are just a few of the great things I found that I did NOT bring home with me, but rest assured there were some things I did buy that I will share with you soon!

 It was a great week for thrifty finds, which is perfect timing for those of us sprucing up our spaces for Spring!
I hope you were inspired to get out and find your special treasures!
Have a great week,

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