Sunday, June 1, 2014

Staining Wood Posts the EASY Way!

Yes, you heard that right.
Wood stain.....IN.A.CAN.
That means no more messy, runny, dripping wood stain.
When I started seeing this in blogland
I knew I had to give it a try.
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When I went shopping for it, I was unable to find it at HD or Lowes, so I went to Ace Hardware and sure enough, they had some, and they even had several colors to chose from as well!
(weathered gray, cedar, rustic brown, and a few more)
I thought I might like the look of the cedar stain, but I liked the rich hue the picture showed of the Rustic Brown shad as well so I brought home a couple bottles of each and figured I could always take back the ones I didn't use.
As you can see below on my practice board, the cedar stain on the left tends to be a little orangey which is not the look I was going for.
So I ultimately decided on the Rustic Brown and LOVE the way it turned out!
The story behind these posts is that I used to have a privacy fence all the way around my patio when I bought my house, but after living with it for the first few months I quickly decided it needed to go!
So we knocked it down and were left with the posts that were CEMENTED into the ground.
These babies were rock solid and were not going anywhere so I dug up three of them on the opposite side of the patio and kept the ones around the side by the table and decided to cut them down half way and cap them off with solar lighting.

It was the BEST decision I made for my patio and I have loved them ever since we did this back in 2006.
These solar light caps add a soft glow at night and really make the patio welcoming.
However, even though I LOVE these lights and the fact that I kept the posts,
I was NOT happy with how the wood was aging so for a long time I have wanted to stain them but I didn't want the mess associated with staining something upright and vertical like this.

So needless to say when Emily at Décor Chick posted about this spray stain I knew IMMEDIATELY I wanted it and I wanted it now!!!!

So before we get started I wanted to show you an up close view of the posts BEFORE staining them.

Not bad but kind of blah and dirty looking......

Because my landscaping was all around I decided that I would tape off around the base of each post then to protect my patio and plants from the back spray
I just draped a drop cloth around the area where I was spraying and this worked great.

I took the solar light caps off
and wiped down the post to remove dirt and dried leaves
 that had stuck on there over time.

 And once your surface is ready you simply shake the can real well just like you would with spray paint,
then spray it on in long even strokes.
And it looks so rich and fresh!!!!
....just with ONE coat!!!

The can says it dries quickly, I think it states in 15 minutes, but I can tell you mine did not dry that fast.
I applied one main coat over the entire post then about 15 min later went back and lightly touched up around it where I may have missed
and let it sit for about an hour then moved on to the next post.
I made lunch, worked on other projects, and threw in a couple loads of laundry while I was letting each one dry.
And that's it!.

Its as simple as that and now my posts are stained and look really nice against the colors of my landscaping.

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This project that went unfinished
for SO MANY years
is now knocked off of my to-do list
and it was super easy to do!
......thanks to Krylon's spray stain!

*I was NOT compensated by Krylon to tell you about their spray stain....I just found a product I loved and wanted to share it with you.
Now, onto more projects!
Have a wonderful week!

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