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Coastal Cottage Table Using Chalk Country Paint Chalk Paint!about/c1ger
Recently I received some chalk paint and waxes from
They are a chalk paint company based out of  Battle Creek, Michigan,
 and they offer a nice variety of colors, waxes, and finishes.
As I was picking out my paint colors I knew I wanted to use the paint on this table I got from the thrift store that has been sitting in my garage for a long time, and I wanted it to have a coastal cottage feel.
The table was very sturdy and made of solid oak but the Orangey stain and black smudge marks made this table hideous and in dire need of a makeover!

Since I did not know what that black stuff was on the top I decided to run my sanding block over it with just a few passes just to make sure there was not going to be a raised mark on the table.
Then I simply wiped it off with a shop rag and began to paint.

I used the Chalk Country Paint color called "It's Jade".
I was going for a coastal cottage look and quickly fell in LOVE with this color!
Here it is with one coat using a paint brush.

Here is the table with another coat and the table was already transformed from that ugly Orange stain!
The chalk paint does not necessarily cover fully with one single coat, BUT it did not require any primer OR full sanding
(I only lightly sanded that black stuff on the top since it was an unknown substance).

I only gave this piece two coats of paint and that was plenty to get full coverage.
I LOVE this color and how the paint adhered to my table!

Next, I wanted some dimension so I dry brushed some white chalk paint around the knobby pieces of the legs.
I used Chalk Country Paint color in
"Crisp Collar" white.

To do this, just dip the TIPS of your paint brush into the paint and dab it around the curves

and use a dry paper towel to blot and wipe most of it away so that only TRACES of the color show thru.
You are NOT painting the crevices to be fully are only simply trying to have a second color peep thru for a worn look so dry brush it on and wipe most of it off leaving just a trace of it to be seen.

You could use dark wax in the crevices BUT because I was going for a coastal look I decided to do the same technique but use white paint instead of the dark wax.
I felt the dark wax would have been a bit too heavy and antique-y for this piece.

Next I used a piece of fine grit sand paper and simply rubbed it across the places where I felt the table would normally wear to do some light distressing.

I went along the ridge around the top of the table and then distressed along the grooves of the sides.

Then I took my fine grit sand paper and distressed around the knobby part of the legs.

See the white paint I used for dimension?
Along with the light distressing?

By distressing lightly I was able to let the original wood show through but the bulk of the piece remains painted.


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Next comes waxing.
You can chose to not wax but I wanted to "seal" my paint and protect it so I decided to use clear wax on my table.
Here is what the Chalk Country Paint Clear Wax looks like.

It is a soft wax meaning it has the consistency of butter or Crisco.
I have never used hard wax to be able to compare the two but I would imagine hard wax would feel like a votive candle.
Pliable but hard, and this wax was not like that. It was very soft and easy to work with.
Here is the table after being distressed and waxed.

I LOVE how my table turned out and decided to put it between my two Cain chairs that I made over a while back.

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Here are more pictures of the final table after being waxed.


coastal cottage table

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I really enjoyed working with the Chalk Country Paint line of paint and waxes and here are my overall thoughts about their products:
The paint goes on easily, does not require pre-sanding, and distresses beautifully.
The Chalk Country Paint colors are so pretty and provide a wide variety of colors that allow you to be as creative as you want!
There are colors for everyone and even subtle muted tones for those who like the soft grays and beige's.
The clear wax went on smooth and was easy to work with too, and this was an area I was worried about.
I have never used wax so I wasn't sure about it but it went on EASILY and was easy to buff off.  
All in all I am very happy with this paint line and highly recommend it!
In fact, I liked it so much that I decided to use it on another project that I have in the works and I will share  it with you soon!
You can see more examples on the Chalk Country Paint facebook page as well as on their website.!about/c1ger
*I was provided products by Chalk Country Paint but all opinions are completely mine.
Have a wonderful week!

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