Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Front Porch

This year we had a lot of rain and mild temperatures which has resulted in  most of our grass and landscaping still being green at the end of October!
Its funny because the trees are changing colors and losing their leaves, but yet we still have flowers blooming and green grass. LOL
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 Notice my Zinnias above? They just keep blooming!
In fact, a few of the stems have new buds on them so I am pretty sure I will continue to get flowers into November.
Oh and notice my porch?
I cleaned off the leaves for you :)
I kept it pretty simple this year by adding a few mums.
This large yellow one will be so pretty once planted into the ground.
I bought the perennial kind that if planted in the ground should come back year after year, so I've got my fingers crossed! 
Right now I love displaying all the bright yellow bloom on my porch but in the next week or two I will need to get it planted.
And on a side note, do you see the red berries on the holly bush behind the mum?

And my coleus plant in my urn is still going strong.
The gorgeous lime green and hot pink colors look great in the Summer as well as in the fall.
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 If you are looking for a heat tolerant plant that provides a lot of color and will give you months of blooms, this plant is or you!
And here is a close up of the Zinnias.
 I was pleased that I was able to get a shot of the bee on the flower too!

Here is my second mum. I got an orange one but I ran out of potting soil so I just put it in a small urn to display it until its time to get it planted.

And I carried the fuscia/hot pink color around the yard with this small urn of vinca.

Again, it is another annual that will provide a ton of blooms for you throughout Summer and into the Fall.

So once you get past the steps on onto the porch you will be greeted by a simple grapevine wreath with sunflowers.

Then of course a welcome sing on the front door.


 Down by the street you will find my fountain grass.
Its a huge clump that I continually have to thin out each year, so this next Spring I would like to really thin it out to a 12 inch clump and plant some other stuff as well.
For now I enjoy the softness and texture the grass brings to my Summer landscaping and the sprouts that pop up in the Fall.





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So there ya have it!

My simple Fall porch.
The weather is supposed to hold out over the weekend and I hope to get these mums planted before I lose them!

Have a wonderful day!
I hope you were inspired.


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