Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Favorite Summer Drink

I don't know about you but I am a major fan of iced tea in the summer. I used to have one of those tea makers/brewer machine thing-a-ma-jig but it broke a long time ago and I have yet to replace it. I like to keep things simple, so I use what God gave me.....THE SUN! Yes, I brew my tea in the summertime by filling up a large pitcher with water, dropping in three tea bags, and set it out on our patio table for the sun to work her magic and brew my tea. A lot of people buy sun tea pitchers and I had one but it was large and heavy and didn't fit into the refridgerator very well so I decided to bypass the speical pitcher and let it brew in my regular serving pitcher. All you gotta do is make sure you cover the top with a lid (this helps keep out bugs and keep the heat in for brewing, or cover the top with a I do).

After about an hour or more of brewing just bring the pitcher inside, throw out the tea bags and its ready to drink. There's something magical about the tea being brewed naturally by the sun.....not sure what it is but sun tea tastes so much better than regular me anyways.

But now for the {REAL} topic of this FAVORITE summer drink......the ARNOLD PALMER. {LOVE} IT!

For those of you who are new to Arnold Palmers here's how you make them:
*Iced tea-your choice, regular or sun tea-doesn't matter
*Lemonade-any brand will do

and voila! INSTANT refreshing summer drink with a twist!

Of course you can get all fancy pants on us and garnish your drink with a fresh lemon wedge,sprig of mint, or umbrella straw too. Arnold Palmer's make great drinks to serve while entertaining because its kid friendly and caters to those who like tea AND lemonade, and you can put a spin on it by changing up the flavor of lemonade (raspberry lemonade for instance) with a different flavor of tea. Anything goes, but the basic Arnold Palmer is regular iced tea with traditional lemonade.

So there ya have it. The Arnold Palmer for those you who did not know about it. I had never heard of this drink until about 5 years ago and after my first one I was hooked!


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  1. This sounds so refreshing on a hot summer day. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


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