Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My New Handbags-My Version of WIWW

Ok, so I was going to post a WIWW post but this is not actually what I 'wore', but its what I am going to wear! (My version of "WIWW")!

I have been wanting to show you some pics of my outfits so you can get a better feel of my style but I don't have anyone here to take my pic and I have yet to figure out how to set the timer on my camera....soooo, today's post is about fashion accessories AKA new purses/handbags {YEAH!}....and what I am going to wear.

Here is one of my new handbags. I love the color GREEN so this one naturally caught my eye and I had to make it mine! Esp since it was Ann Taylor and BRAND NEW for a whopping $3 bucks!

This nex bag is another Ann Taylor and it has a wooden handle with a pink and green floral....which I {LOVE}. Both of these purses are small so I will use them when we go to the local outdoor concerts and plays this summer so I don't have to take my big purse that I normally carry around. (Check out my post called Thrill of the Hunt from March to see my current bag).

Then there is this gem. I absolutely LOVE brown and blue/turquoise together and think this one will look great in the fall when I wear jeans. Its a clutch style with a small handle so it will work out great for me on the weekends when we go dancing with our friends or somewhere where I only need a few things like my ID, cr card, and lip gloss. I can also use this one as a makeup or toiletrie bag when we travel. At $1.99 you can't go wrong!

I also found a cute lime green aligator print belt with a silver buckle. I plan on wearing this a lot in the fall with my cardigans and a lime green flower pin that I have. Hopefully by then I will know how to work my camera timer so I can take pics of me with it so you can see what everything looks like pulled together!

Then last but certainly not least is my FREE bag, yes I said FREE! A friend did not want it so it was given to me. Hello! Um, yes, I will take your NEW bag WITH the price tag still on it for FREE! Thats a no brainer!!! LOL .....not to mention I love aligator print and I think it will look great in the fall as my primary bag since its a nice taupe beige/brown color.

So here is my loot all together and I can't wait to start using some of these pieces! For a total of about $15 dollars for ALL of it, I am THRILLED! :)

So there ya have it. My thrify handbag finds for What I AM GOING to Wear Wednesday!


  1. Wow! You lucky girl! I can't believe all those purses and belt for under 15 bucks! Where did you find them so cheap?

  2. Hey girl! I got the two ann taylor purses and the blue and brown snakeskin clutch at the good will up north by my house. The green belt I got from red racks and then the brown purse was given to me. I want to talk to you more so I am going to send you a pm.

  3. Just went through and checked out a bunch of your posts. That entry way is so sweet! I didn't see the aqua and Rhinestone purse though. Did enjoy the BBQ place with all the cool antiques. Glad you shared that. Thanks for stopping over at Quirky Vistas. I'm following. Hope you'll come back by and visit again.

  4. Shut up on the Ann Taylor purse! I'd die. My favourite colour is GREEN!

  5. Charlene, I got so lucky that day! Found bot Ann Taylor purses (green and white and floral with brown wood handle) at the same Goodwill. Someone must have donated both of them at the same time. I actually hesitated since they were on the smaller side but I couldn't resist! And in my thrifting post from last week I found a brand new (or barely used) Nine West bag in red. Found it at Red Racks thriftstore for $4.98 and I can't wait to use it this winter around the holidays! :)


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