Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Cozy Feeling of Fall

Fall is definitely in full swing here in KC. We have cool cold temperatures with lots of WIND and some rain off and on. So its been a perfect time to bake, eat soup, put on your sweats and snuggle inside and watch TV in the evenings. Aaaaah, it feels so nice to relax and enjoy all the comforts of Fall.
Here are a few Fall things I am enjoying this week:
My neighbor's GORGEOUS tree! Every year this tree turns the most BEAUTIFUL shade of yellow....and I can't stop looking at it!!! 

The PERFECT shade of golden yellow pops against the crisp blue sky.
This is Mother Nature at her BEST!

And here is what I get to see every time I look out of my kitchen window! What a beautiful view!
Then of course I am enjoying warm cinnamon rolls served on my new $0.99 Pottery Barn plates, which you can read about here.
(Nothing better than yummy food that looks pretty too!) :)

.......but do I HAVE to share with Mr.Chaos???

So desert first, then dinner, right? LOL
I enjoyed a light dinner tonight of tomato soup with crackers. I used my new Pottery Barn mugs which you can read about here.
These mugs are the PERFECT size for soup. or a big glass of hot chocolate! They hold about 3/4 of a can of soup, which is perfect for me.

Then of course earlier in the week I was able to gather up some hedge apples. I can't wait to decorate with them and make a gorgeous center piece like the ones here in my post with all the hedge apple eye candy.
So Fall is definitely upon us and I am embracing it. The trees are at the height of their bloom this weekend here in KC and its time for all the local Fall Festivals. This weekend we are heading to Baldwin, KS for the annual Maple Leaf Festival. I will post pics when we return.
Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get to get outside and enjoy something Fall-ish!


  1. I love the color of that yellow. In the spring the palo verdes are in bloom and are that kind of yellow. They are such so pretty & soothing to the eye. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks Joani. The yellow is a break from all of the orange and red we normally see and its just gorgeous!


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