Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thrifty Finds-Tons o' Fabric!

For those of you who pay close attention to my posts, you will know that Mr.Chaos bought me a sewing machine last Christmas and I am ashamed to say that I have only used it once! To be honest I am afraid to use it. YES, afraid! My fear is that I will break the needle or break the machine and ruin it. I took a sewing class in middle school (eons ago folks!) and I loved it, but at home I don't have an instructor by my side to help me through my issues with threading the bobbin and needle, so I get nervous, and of course when we are nervous is when we make the biggest mistakes.

So my goal this winter (after the holidays) in January and February when its miserably cold outside is to tackle my fears and "become one" with my little sewing machine!

In the mean time, I created a Pinterest board called "Sewing" where I have collected several pins on tips, tricks, and ideas for sewing, and I have also been on the lookout for cheap fabric........and that my friends is where I segway into my post topic!

Check out the AMAZING deals I snagged on fabrics over the last month. Even I am dying that I found so much at such great prices!

For starters I found these three HUGE rolls of upholster grade fabrics by Waverly for $6.99 each! I don't know exactly how many yards are there but its a LOT!

There were five rolls of fabric and I grabbed this cute red gingham checked fabric first and have a few ideas on how to use it for the holidays.   

Then there is this fabric that I really liked but had to think about first. Its an olive green color with a semi fleur-de-lis pattern throughout. I'm thinking of using this one for upholstering a bench or chair.

And the third roll has a palm tree pattern on it and I've seen this before in Waverly and think its a good fabric to get creative with in the Summer. So I also grabbed this one.

So that was a great deal in and of itself, right? Oh but wait. We're not done yet.

Weeks later, out of the blue I decided to swing by one of my three favorite thrift stores during my lunch hour and I hit the mother load!

 At first I found a couple different fabrics then as I started combing through the rack I realized there was a TON of fabric and then it was on like Donkey Kong!

See here? The fabric is $1.98!!!! Somebody pinch me because I swear this can't be right? ....oh but it WAS!

The black and cream checked pattern coordinates nicely with this floraly/vine black and cream pattern so I grabbed them both.

Oh but wait! There is a black and cream toile (my FAVORITE) so of course I had to grab that!

Then there was a yellow/white damask, green toile, yellow with small red polka dots, a couple plaid patterns and so on.....I was in fabric Heaven!

So here is my cart as I make my way to the checkout!

Yards and yards of upholstery grade fabric, some of it was Waverly too, and I only paid $1.98 each for most of it, and $0.99 cents for a couple bunches of fabric.

All of it was in great shape,clean, pressed, and folded just right so there was minimal creasing and wrinkles.

When I got up to the checkout line they said they JUST put that fabric out within the hour and they knew it wouldn't last long. So it was meant to be. That fabric was mine all mine and now I have a date with the sewing machine. Girls night out, just the two of, and miss thang. Hopefully she will be good to me and I wont break any needles or jam up the threading!!! 

See what you are missing by NOT shopping your thrift stores?!

I am assuming a local upholster had to liquidate and that is why the fabric was donated to the thrift store.....or someone with a major fabric collection had to downsize...either way it was a blessing for me to find such great fabric for a great price. I am very thankful and excited about all the pillows, runners, and upholstering thats coming my way!!! :)


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