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Adding a Splash of Pink to Your Spring Decor

Before I bought my house I lived in apartments where I had to tolerate the boring white walls and beige carpeting. To jazz things up I decorated with a lot of color and with a feminine flair.
After I bought my first home I decided that it should be decorated like a warm and inviting family home versus a single 20 something's apartment.
So away went all the pink and floral (well most of it anyways), and in came richer, more masculine tones like brown and green.
After several years of that I am ready for a change, and this time around I am smarter and wiser about good home decor design. I know that it is OK to love the color pink and to display it in your home tastefully.
Remove the image of pepto bismal pink bathroom tiles from the 1950s and 60s does not have to over take the room!
Just look at these gorgeous rooms. All of them are exceptionally beautiful and use subtle pops of pink throughout.
For starters, this is one of my all time favorite looks. I am a sucker for Pink and Black!
 (Image via BHG)
In fact, in my old apartment I decorated my bathroom with Pink and Black with a Paris theme and this reminds me a lot of that bathroom. I loved it back then and I love it now.....its timeless!
Then we have this kitchen, yes you can put pink in your kitchen, where pink is incorporated with simple flower bouquets.
 (Image via BHG)
By adding a couple vases of pink flowers you can easily add that punch of color to your room with no commitment, or you can opt for faux flowers and keep the look on going.
 (Image via BHG)
Then there is this room above.
I love how bright and cheerful it is. For some of you it may be too colorful, and that's ok, but the overall point here is that Pink is being mixed with lots of colors like Turquoise and Yellow, and keep in mind that less is best. That means you don't have to overdo it. If you want to add pink to your decor just keep it simple by using one piece as your focal point like they did here with this desk.
But if you are more daring, you can always add more color and patterns.  
And here we have a mood board created by The Nester where she pairs the color Pink with Turquoise.
Both colors are gorgeous and go so well with almost any decor style!
 (Image via The Nester)
This next space is so charming and who doesn't love that sock monkey too!
(Image via Carolina Coast via  Pinterest)
Now here is an awesome way to add splashes of Pink throughout your home by using throw pillows!
If you are like me you probably  have a nice stash of throw pillows laying around or packed away that would be so easy to recover with Pink fabric.
Here, Jennifer at Dear Lillie uses accents like these Pink throw pillows to liven up  a Gray and neutral color pallet.
And as you can see, Pink even pairs nicely with wood tones too!
Hope on over to Dear Lillie to see more. She's got a gorgeous home!
 (Image via Dear Lillie)
And over at Mix and Match Home D├ęcor they add subtle pops of pink to this gorgeous living room area by layering the room throw pillows and blankets.
This is a very budget friendly way to incorporate the color Pink into your room because you can always die your throw pillows and blankets for a fraction of the price of buying new ones!
And how cool is this bathroom with a punch of color on the ceiling?! I love the idea of adding pink to your ceiling, esp in the bathroom where it is unexpected.
(Image via
Pink is such a great color to use in your home decor and it often times gets over looked because of the fear it will take over the room or be too feminine.
To avoid this, just keep in mind that LESS IS BEST!!! 
Start with a small accent piece like a plant stand, a side table, a lamp or picture frames, or maybe use some throw pillows to add that pop of pink to your decor.
However you chose to use it, it will look great and will add a perfect splash of color  that will work all year long, and especially now for Spring!
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