Monday, February 24, 2014

How to Rewire a Lamp

Restoration Hardware Lamp
Remember that amazing Restoration Hardware gourd lamp I recently found at the thrift store?  You can read about it HERE.
Well, I was super pumped when I found it for such a great price and it was in pristine condition so I bought it without plugging it in to see if it works.
NORMALLY I wouldn't want to waste my money on a lamp that didn't work.....BUT this was such a great deal that when I got it home and it didn't work I was OK with it and made the best of it by trying my hand at rewiring it.
So after lots of research and many emails and posts with your suggestions, I went for it!!!!
I bought a lamp kit at HD for less than $10 bucks and followed the instructions..........which were pretty simple! 
Start by loosening the base like I did here.
Then loosen the part where the bulb screws into.
As you can see, there are two "bolts" that wires hook to.
To take OFF the original piece simply use a screw driver to loosen the screws and remove this part.
Then once this part is taken off you can pull out the cord from the bottom of the lamp where you unscrewed the base, and insert your new cord.
...and thread it thru the base and up through the middle of the lamp.
Simply push the new cords together up through the middle of the long screw like tube.  
Once you do that the wires should be sticking up out of the top of the lamp.  

Then simply screw on the NEW wires to the NEW light bulb piece aka "socket".
Simply wrap one wire around one screw and tighten it with a screwdriver  and do the same to the other wire and screw so that it looks similar to this.... 
Now you have your "socket" put together and can screw in a light bulb and test it to make sure it works.
Be sure to keep your fingers OFF the screws/exposed wires when you plug it in to test it!!! 


 After that just pull your wires back down and secure everything in place.

My lamp required me to tighten a screw at the bottom of the base to keep the cord and inner guts secure.

Lastly, attach your lampshade and voila!



Here  are a couple shots of my rewired Restoration Hardware lamp.
Woot woot! I {LOVE} it!!!

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So lets recap:
Restoration Hardware gourd lamp from thrift store: $7.99
New lamp kit: $8ish
So for roughly $16 bucks I got a lamp that retails for hundreds!!!
Now that I know how to rewire a lamp I can give old lamps new life, and rewire great ones like this Restoration Hardware lamp for MUCH less than buying new!!!
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