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2012 Recap-Top 5 Projects

I can't believe its that its already the end of 2012! Where has time gone??? We soon will say good-bye to another year and welcome a new year with new possibilities. 2012 will go down in my book as a memorable year for some of the personal challenges I overcame, but also for my first year blogging.
I started Decorated Chaos back in August of 2011, as a way to connect with others who were just as passionate about DIY and home decor as I was, but little did I know what I was about to embark on! 
 I started with the mindset of being a casual blogger and only posted a few posts then took a five month absence. I wasn't sure which direction I was going to take with the blog and I wasn't sure I could manage it with a demanding work schedule so on the back burner of life it went.
Then in May life hit me with an unexpected challenge. I was so upset about what crap life had thrown at me but I grabbed the bull by the horns and decided I wasn't going to let this thing take me down. There was something good that could come of this situation I found myself in so I pulled myself together and used the time for self growth and discovery.
And it was then that I submerged myself in my blog and began treating it like a part-time job. I started over by creating goals, dedicating time to achieving those goals, and fast forward several months later I have completed several home projects, began meeting people like YOU and finding my niche.
Now, fast forward-after tackling my challenge, I am now happy with a piece of my life that once made me miserable, I have become what I consider a full-time blogger, and I have learned new things that would not have been possible without blogging.
So today I want to take a walk down memory lane with you and revisit some of my top posts of 2012.
1. Oreo Desert:
Man, do you guys love Oreos! I learned very quickly after posting this post that YOU guys LOVE your Oreos!
2. Trash to treasure transformation using Oil Rubbed Bronze paint:
I have ORB fixtures in my house but I had no idea there was a spray paint that I could use to transform old brass or silver fixtures too! This wrough iron piece was dingy and gross, but with a little elbow grease and a can of ORB paint, it is now one of my favorite pieces I own! (ORB paint is one of the things I discovered from blogging and I am still obsessed with it!)    :)
3. Bathroom Makeover:
We took our bathroom from builder grade off white and boring to fresh and coastal. (still need to frame those mirrors and put the finishing touches there's more to come for 2013!) LOL
4. Garage sale plant stand makeover-
This was one of my favorite makeovers and your reactions to this were priceless! I love how this yellow paint put new life into an dirty 1970s garage sale reject, and I can't wait to use this plant stand this summer! 
5. Mercury Glass-
I have LOVED mercury glass since I discovered it years ago but never knew what it was called. I just called it old looking glass until I discovered what it really was and how I could make my own. YOU guys love this too and my inbox was flooded with questions and comments about my tutorial using the jars, and then the glass lamp I transformed.
This was by far my all time favorite project of 2012, and since the jars and this lamp I have made Christmas ornaments, candle hurricanes, and another project that I am going to unveil later in January.
So those were my top 5 projects of 2012. I look back and I see how I have grown as a blogger and DIYer and I am SO glad I chose to get back on the horse and try blogging for a second time back in May. 
 I have greatly enjoyed learning new things and meeting all of you guys, and I look forward to tackling many more fun filled projects with you in 2013!
Have a happy AND safe New Years Eve!

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  1. This has been the year of challenges in my family, too. It started in March and then was totally flipped on its head in May and has been a roller coaster ever since!!! I'm looking forward to a new year that is less challanging! I'm glad blogging has helped you....I have benefitted greatly from your blog submersion!! :)


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