Monday, June 17, 2013

Don't Miss a Beat

Hey everyone! Just a little reminder about Google reader going away in a few more weeks.
The good thing is that there is still time to switch over to another method so we can stay connected!

You can find me and Decorated Chaos on Bloglovin' at (just search for decorated chaos) or you can go directly there via the button on my side bar.
This blog reader is very similar to the Google reader and very user friendly in my opinion. I love it!
OR if you prefer, we can stay connected via Google+
OR via Linky Tools
OR email.
All of these methods are easy to use, its just a matter of preference.
Please visit my blog sidebar and browse thru the various ways to connect, or you can email me and I will help you find the right place.
Again, this only affects those who use Google reader to follow blogs.
If you are already subscribed via email, Facebook, Pinterest, or any other method, there is NO change for you at this time.
Thank you for your continued support and friendship.
It means a lot to me!

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