Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Easy Chalk Board Tags Using Repurposed Countertop Samples

Yes, my friends, you read that correctly. I am going to show you how to make those cute chalkboard tags you see all over blog land and Pinterest, but my version is virtually FREE!
Chalkboard Labels
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Of course they are virtually free....what else could you expect from a thrifty chick like me?! sit back and watch....and you can thank me later. LOL
OK for starters, you have to have chalkboard paint.
Any kind...doesn't matter if its home made or from the store. I personally like this spray on chalkboard spray paint, but any kind will do.
I prefer the kind you spray on like spray paint, but any kind of any color will work, however, I must say the darker the color of your chalk board paint, the better this project will probably turn out.
I am using black which works great for hiding imperfections.
So now that you have your chalk board paint you need the secret ingredient to this whole project.
Ready for it? Ok, here it is..........
Laminate counter top samples from the hardware store!
I know, awesome, right?!
In the past I would clean out our stash of samples and throw them out, but the other day I had one of those creative moments and thought how nice it would be to repurpose the sample cards into chalk board tags...and here we are today!
See, they are the perfect shape and already have a hole cut out for you.
Just paint on your chalk board paint as I did in my picture below with my chalk board spray paint, and voila!
Here is the finished tag after two coats of paint and time to fully dry.
You can even use the small samples too, and paint on the backs of the cards if you want to as well.
 I painted on the fronts, but it doesn't matter which side you chose, just be sure to get a full coverage of chalk board paint on the side you want to use. 
Now its time to get creative and use the tags for decorating and organizing. The possibilities are endless!
Use string or twine like I did and tie it around your object so that it hangs freely.
Here it is tied around a galvanized vase with a monogrammed "R" that I made with the chalk, just for fun, and the green pitcher that I told you about HERE.
So there ya have it! These are pretty much FREE to make as long as you have chalk board paint on hand.
So the next time you are cleaning out your junk drawer and come across some laminate samples, don't throw them away!
Repurpose them into cute chalk board tags! :)
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