Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shelf Makeover

Hello friends! Its been a while since I talked about our master bedroom makeover, so I want to update you on the latest addition to the makeover.
As most of you know, this spring our master bedroom got a makeover, starting with paint. You can read about that HERE.
Since then, I have added this bedding, and now I finished some wall art that I want to share with you.
Before I do, let me remind everyone, including myself that redecorating a room does not have to cost a lot.
I hear so many people actually put off renovating a room because they THINK they will need to spend a lot of money on new accessories and wall art.
And the truth do NOT have to spend a lot of money to change the look of a space.
You just need some creativity and a few materials to change what you already have!
So, I took my own advice and instead of buying new decor I decided to shop around the house and use things I already had, and wouldn't you know it, deep in the basement, buried in a box all the way in the back, was this old shelf.
Tin Shelf in Master Bedroom
I used to accessorize a lot with the color Red but I have now shifted to using more black and white accents, so I decided this shelf was THE perfect piece to add to our bedroom and all it needed was a little refreshing with paint!  
Below is a picture of the BEFORE shot
(yes it was taken outside so I apologize for the shadows on the picture).
Yep, that's a red shelf alright!
...but its nothing a can of white spray paint can't change!
Then after a few coats of flat white paint she now looks like this:

And for accessories, I used a blue mason jar that I had,
(don't you just LOVE those special edition blue mason jars)
and a canvas print I made using a portrait of Mr.Chaos and I,
and grouped it with the
bead board and boxwood wreath wall art I showed you earlier.

So now my basement is free of a shelf that was taking up space  and collecting dust, and my master bedroom now showcases it the way it was meant to be shown!
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I love the way it turned out and all it took was a can of spray paint!
So the next time you are hesitant about revamping an outdated space, keep in mind that a can of paint goes a long way and allows you to continue enjoying the decor you once loved by giving it a second chance at life!


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