Sunday, August 25, 2013

Favorite Flower of the Summer

Flowers that tolerate heat and like full sun
This summer I discovered what will end up being one of my all time favorite flowers.
The name of this beauty is Serena Angelonia.
The best thing about Serena here is that she likes
and HEAT! 
....and the icing on the cake is that she is drought tolerant and requires very little watering.
We started out with one little plant and with only being watered once a week
(if she's lucky)
she grew into this beautiful flowery gem.  
She proudly adorns our back patio and offers a gorgeous display of delicate pink flowers and greenery that flows with the wind. 
Her movement and texture fit well with the rest of our grasses and ferns we have around the patio too.
 The back of our house gets FULL sun, ALL. DAY. LONG. so it is tough to find plants and flowers that can tolerate the intense heat AND who do not need to be watered all the time, but this lady LOVES the dry conditions and doesn't seem to matter that we get busy and forget to water her! :)
If you are looking for a drought tolerant flower that is also pretty and blooms flowers, I highly recommend incorporating this flower into your landscaping. 
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I know next year I plan on picking up a few more of these to add to our containers around the patio and upper deck.
(So sad to see Summer coming to an!)
on that note.....
Have a wonderful week and enjoy the warmer temps!

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