Sunday, October 20, 2013

Using AND Loving What You Already Have

As you know, I strive at creating a warm and inviting home without breaking the bank.
I mean, really. Who has time or money to buy all new decor for each season, every year? I know I don't, nor would I want to.

Are you like me? Do you become attached to your decor. When I find pieces I love I want them around for a long time. I don't want to use them for one season then throw them out!
So if you have a busy life, or maybe you are on a budget, or maybe you just like the home decor you already have, or all of the above, you can simply use what you have to create a warm and inviting space.
This Fall I created a simple fall vignette using most of what I already had.
My lamp did get a new shade, but the rest of the vignette is made up of decor I already had and was pulled from other rooms or repurposed to take on a Fall look.
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Recognize this wire basket?
It is my Ballard Inspired basket from the Summer.
You can see how I created it HERE to hold sea shells, but this piece is one that can transition from season to season by simply switching out he shells for miniature pumpkins and gourds.
And how about this lantern?
Oh my, I use this lantern ALL. THE. TIME. because I love it so much!
Above I used it in the summer time, and as you can see below it looks just as good with a Fall look. 
Because it is a neutral color, it can work just about anywhere with any kind of decor.
And when I am done displaying it with a cream colored candle, I can add a pop of color by swapping the candle out for something unique like I did HERE with apples last Halloween.
Then of course there is this sweet little cupcake holder.
It was purchased as a cupcake holder in the kitchen/entertaining section of the store but I bought it and use it as a miniature cloche to display seasonal items.
The base also makes for a good candle pedestal if you take off the dome lid.

Speaking of repurposing......I love how my cylinder jar turned out.
I kept seeing these gorgeous lidded jars everywhere I went.
The are often used as a candle holder or terrarium, but I used this one to display miniature pumpkins.
Willow House products
My jar started out like this...........

It was a plastic jar that I think was sold with candy in it and of course someone discarded it after they were done with the contents inside.
I found it for $0.99 cents and wanted it for its shape.
I cleaned it up, sprayed the lid and base with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint to get the look I was going for, and voila!
Instant designer look-alike.
Not bad if I do say so myself!!!!  :)
And lastly, the bunch of Orange flowers and grapevine ball I have had forever and have used both of them in different spots of my home each Fall season.
I enjoy breaking out my home decor stash at the change of every season and reminiscing about when and where I purchased, or made, certain pieces.
Its fun to take a walk back in time to see how your tastes have evolved.
And of course it is also fun to find things like my jar and repurpose them into pretty home decor, all for next to nothing.
So this Fall, as you are decorating and preparing for your Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, and you have that moment where you feel like you need to rush out and buy new decor to spruce up your space, stop and remind yourself that beautiful design is already here.
It is hiding in your closet, maybe down in your basement tucked under roller skates, a box of baby clothes, or hiding behind a bag of forgotten what-nots,  just waiting for you to open it back up and unleash its beauty one more year!
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Just follow these simple steps:
  • Be Resourceful (use common things in uncommon ways)
  • Use What You Already Have
  • Give Boring & Outdated Pieces a Quick Makeover With Some Paint or Embellishments
  • Place things in different groupings each year to avoid predictability.
Have a wonderful week!

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