Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Mini Home Tour of the Cape Cod

For a while now I have felt like sharing a more in depth home tour with you BUT since merging our two homes into one we have not fully decorated the new space so I have been hesitant to show you all the works in progress, until now.
You and I have hit a new point in our "blogger" relationship and I think its time we take things to the next level, after all, we have been seeing each other for a good year and a half now.   LOL :)

Cape Cod Style Home 
Welcome to my little gem....our 1940s Cape Cod!
This picture look familiar? You may remember seeing this shot HERE when I made over the front porch.
This is what the house looked like before blogging. My style has changed a bit but I wanted to give you a peek inside, so come on in!
Once inside we should come on over here by the couch.
The very couch I had for years and recently spilled
FINGER NAIL polish on it! (ggrrrrr)
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I have always had a sisal/sea grass rug in the front room but I recently found a really large area size one for a steal, which you can read about HERE.
And this black iron and glass table.......well, you see, I had college friend and she bought it back in 1996 at a hotel liquidation sale for next to nothing and then a few years later wanted something new so I took it!
(SEE.....I told you I have always been a thrifty chick!)
So this table was already a steal and then I got it for FREE and gave it a make over.
It started out brass, then was spray painted a green color in 1998 when I was apartment living, then when I bought my house in 2006 I sprayed it black, which I like against the soft yellow walls and white trim of the room.
Next to the left of the room is my black TV cabinet.
One piece of trivia about me is that I do NOT like TVs to be seen. Men seem to think that TVs are decor, and it irks me, so right after I bought my house I rushed out and bought this cabinet from Target and my friends Brian and Dave so graciously put it together for me as part of my home warming gift.
Love those guys!!!! 
Oh and God Bless the girl who I bought the house from, she left all kinds of rugs and a few side chairs for me in the house. One of which is this red velvet side chair by the fireplace.
(she even left Ralph Lauren blankets, and all kinds of goodies!)


And then over by the fireplace we have my favorite floral chair that has seen better days.
I had a matching sofa, nice big sofa that my girlfriends and I used to lay on when I had get tether's and movie know, back in my single days.
So after moving in my house I decided it was time for a change so I gave the sofa to a friend and kept the chair until a few years ago when I passed it on to another friend of mine.
Looking back I should have made a slip cover for it but I had had it for 10 years so I was ready for a change and it went to a good great home.
And lastly, in the back of my front room you can have a seat at the antique drop leaf table and enjoy the view to the backyard and patio.

And besides the porch makeover, I also tackled the mudroom this winter. You can read all about and see more pics by clicking the picture

Since taking these pictures a few years back, BEFORE blogging, my tastes have changed and we have completed several DIY projects around the house that I am slowly but surely marking off the list before we sell the house.

The mud room and porch better reflect my current style.

In the mean time between the rest of the DIY projects, I thought it would be fun to have you over for a few and share some of these pictures.  
I hope you enjoyed the mini home tour.
Thanks for stopping by!!!
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