Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nell Hills Tent Sale Mirror

Back in June I attended my first Summer Sale at
Nell Hills in Kansas City.
It was my first time going to the sale so I wasn't sure what to expect.
We had a lot of rain that morning and knowing it was an outside tent event I thought I could take my time and have breakfast before going and run a few errands.
So I moseyed into my day. No rush. Just a lazy, cloudy and rainy Saturday.
So when I got closer to the Nell Hill's shop I noticed a lot of traffic and the parking lot was full. 
Then I saw it.
The tent!
And all I can say is OH. MY!
There was probably a hundred people
(men and women) swarming the tent.
It was loud and stuff was flying off the shelves as if there was a shortage of food in a natural disaster!
And of course, ding dong me did not prepare for such a thing and did not have my camera or shopping bag with me.
Bad, bad blogger I was that day!
So I parked my car and quickly ran up to the tent and turned on my super sonic brain scanner and quickly observed the layout of the tent so I could quickly plot my shopping plan.
The home décor was organized on the left of the tent, while all of the furniture was on the right.
I quickly, but cautiously scoped out the home décor side and grabbed things that caught my eye without even looking at the price or size or anything. If you liked it, you needed to grab it because there was no guarantee it wasn't going to be snatched up by someone else in a matter of seconds!!!
I was cautious though because I had to carry with me anything I picked up since I didn't bring a bag.
It was every woman for herself!
So as I was quickly making my way down the aisles gorgeous high end home décor, I noticed there was an empty box sitting there on the side of the tent so I got resourceful and grabbed it, and that was my game changer!
I now I had something to carry my stuff in and it was time to turn it up a notch!
It was now on like Donkey Kong!
Watch out ladies because here I come!
So I ran over to the furniture side to check it out but decided that it would be too much of a hassle to have to arrange for delivery and all that jazz so I went back to the home décor side of the tent and hunted out the rest of my goodies.
When I went back to the home décor side I discovered a set of three mirrors in this gorgeous circle pattern that I loved.
I had seen these mirrors in home décor magazines and show homes but they were out of my budget range so wen I found a set of three sitting on a table I immediately ran over there and sadly discovered that each of them had a flaw.
The  mirror had been shattered on all three of them.
As I was pondering on whether or not I should take one or all three over came an employee that was working the tent sale and she told me that because the mirror was shattered she would discount it down to $10 bucks.
I about choked on the very air I was breathing.
Say what?!
$10 bucks?
Um, hello! That's a no brainer!
So I told the lady I would only take one. 
I wanted all three but the mirror was fairly large and heavy.
It was very good quality and I wasn't sure exactly if I would be able to get the back off the mirror without damaging the piece entirely, so even though it was only $10 bucks I was taking a gamble.
I could be wasting ten dollars at this point, but it was a risk worth taking.
Once I got my mirror home I gently and carefully pried off the back with a screw driver and discovered the mirror was glued to a board so I put on some gloves and gently removed the mirror form the board and used it as my guide for replacing the mirror.  


Did you even know that you can by mirror replacement at Lowe's?
They even cut it to size for you right then and there!

I was hoping to buy one piece that was the exact same size of the mirror that was originally attached but I ended up buying two pieces.
One piece fit perfectly behind two circles and one piece fit inside the third circle.
I glued them onto the metal frame using special
Tile and Mirror adhesive down the seams,
and then glued the support board over top of the entire back side, and then attached the metal back piece into place and that was it.
Super simple way to replace a broken mirror and it cost me noting compared to what this piece retails for!!!

I like to add black accessories to my décor and will be changing things out to darker colors for Fall and Winter, and my mirror will coordinate nicely with the change of the season.

Here I am on a ladder positioning my mirror on the wall.

Have you seen this mirror before?
Here it is at a model home that Jenny at Evolution of Style was touring.
This one is large enough to lean on the floor.

Evolution of Style: Homearama Week - Day Three!

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I love my new mirror and consider it one of my best deals so far this Summer!
Until now, I had no idea that Lowe's could provide replacement mirror. Just think of all those broken mirrors out there without homes.
Now you can save all those broken mirrors from the dumpster by giving them new life.
So what do you think?
Do you like this style of mirror?
Have you ever passed up a piece of home décor because it had a broken mirror?

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