Thursday, August 14, 2014

What I am Working On


Everyone has been busy around here with school starting. My friends with kids are busy getting their kids ready for the new school year and my friends who are teachers have been busy preparing for the first day of class, but I don't have children so I do not have any special "Back to School" post for you.
Instead, I am sharing with you my latest project. 
Remember my special find I told you about HERE 
well, I purchased a sander and have been busy sanding the top to prepare it for what lies ahead.

See the difference?  
The left is untouched while the right side has been sanded.

So far it is going well.
I will probably sand around the edge by hand with sandpaper but so far the sander has made this job so much easier than I originally planned.
Here is another view of the table top (the stuff on the right is saw dust, not scratches.
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Now, as for what my plans are on top,  I'm keeping it hush-hush so you will have to check back to see the final project.  :)
For now, I wanted to say hi and let you know what was going on here at
Decorated Chaos!
Have a wonderful day!

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