Sunday, August 24, 2014

Garden Gate Inspiration for My Side Yard

My side yard needs some help.
It currently contains a chain link fence covered in  honeysuckle, which I love, but this side of the yard has gone unused for so long because it is closed off and does not open up to the back yard.
Consequently it houses trash cans and is often times a dumping ground for all those random things that have no home, so it is definitely overdue for a makeover.
So after lots of day dreaming and research, I have come up with a sample of garden gates that caught my interest and I would LOVE to have any one of them in my yard!
(Click on each one to take you to the owning sites)
This gate is nice because the pickets are so close together that it provides total privacy yet is low enough to allow natural light in the space.
This gate would look great with the rest of my yard and I am smitten over the natural stone pillars.
The mix of stone and white pickets with black hardware totally scream cottage garden which I love!
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Then there is this white picket fence with arched arbor.
You may remember that I  have a small white picket fence in my back yard that this area will open up to, so the white picket fence would tie in nicely with the existing one, but I'm not sure I want more white fence up against my white house.
My favorite aspect about this specific gate area is the flower box on top of the fence!
I would like something like that in my space that would allow me to get creative and I could even rotate the plants out every season if I wanted to.
Now this gate is a little different. It is by Confessions of a Serial DIYer and is taller than what I am looking for, but the scroll work in the middle opens it up and allows you to see through to the other side, and it also adds some interest to a plain wood gate.
I really like it and think it would give my space a nice focal point.
Then there is this gate with a gorgeous arbor.
I have wanted one of these for so long and love it for a couple different reasons.
For starters, the rounded gate wins me over every time, and you can't go wrong with the arbor above.
I also like that the arbor adds height to the space and since I have huge trees, I can always go for something a little more massive and taller.
.....and the gray color is so pretty!
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This gate has a cottage feel to it too, and I love how the top part has lattice that allows light to filter through
The gate has an old vintage feel to it too and would look great with my house and surrounding landscaping.
And here is another gate but this time it has an arched arbor that holds a massive Clematis vine.
I like that this gate has swinging doors too. Its a little different but yet has a very natural feel and blends in with the landscaping that surrounds it.
 And finally this gate has a little bit of everything.
I love that it has an arbor and the curved shape of the gate is a little different and gives it character.
The wood tone is pretty and provides a nice contrast against all the landscaping, and of course the cottage feel of the black hardware is the cherry on top.
The only thing I do not like about this is that there is no space between the pickets on the fence and so far I have been leaning towards a fence where you can see between the pickets, BUT I can always have this gate with the fence the way I like it. I really do love this gate and so far it is my top choice.


Here is the side of my yard that will be getting a makeover.
There will be a new gate, new lighting and landscaping, and the trash cans will get a new home too.
I haven't quite decided on whether or not I will DIY the gate or hire it will just depend on which gate design I wan to go with.
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So I am reaching out for your advice.
Which gate above do you like the best and why?
I would really appreciate some feedback to help me decide and I know you guys have great taste! :)
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