Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mudroom Reveal-No More Popcorn Ceiling

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Drum roll please....................its finally here. The big reveal I have been speaking of for over a month now!
Just in case you forgot, I will catch you up on what I have been working on.
It all started in January and it got derailed in February when I had a birthday, got sick, then got better but then had to have an outpatient surgery in March.
So you take all of that and mix in some bad weather and what you get is a delayed project, but I am pleased to reveal my pretty new ceilings.
Here is what we started with.....
Look at all those bumpy pieces of popcorn ceiling....soaking up all the light in the room and looking very outdated.
I started scraping with this section above and immediately got all giddy with excitement when I saw how nicely it was coming off!
So I scraped, and I scraped, and I scraped......
and the tarps fell, but that didn't stop me. No sir-ee.
So after all the mess (which you can see HERE), I finally have a smooth, white, clean ceiling

The light just bounces off the ceiling and it looks so clean and fresh.

I am happy to report only one rough spot and that was in the corner that pumps up to the back of the fireplace chimney where the roof leaked,
but no worries.
Just scrape, spackle, prime and paint and its all new again!

Here is that nasty corner after it was repaired and painted.


I had to get a close up for you of just the ceiling so you can see the difference.

I cant believe how much better the room looks now!


Here is the
Before and After:


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If you follow me on Youtube you got to see my quick and easy video tutorial on how to scrape your popcorn ceiling.
Here is my video. If you were like me and scared to tackle this project you can see in my video just how simple this project is.
It is easy, but MESSY.

Later this week I will share more finishing touches to the room like my new light fixture.

Have a great week!


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