Sunday, May 10, 2015

Staircase Makeover Progress (Phase II)

Well, well, well. Here we are after about three weeks now, and the staircase project is still in the works but I am happy to report that it is not completely stalled. The wheels ARE really in motion but they're just a little slow right now.  
We have had a lot of rain...I mean A LOT.
So much rain that the ground just can't soak up anymore.
Here is living is the standing water in my back yard. YIKES!
The silver lining to this cloud is that I have a working sump pump AND all the rainy days have given me an opportunity to continue working inside on the staircase.
I pulled off the carpeting two steps at a time.
That seemed to be a good chunk to work with at one time. Anything more than two steps worth was too heavy and bulky to work with so I worked two at a time.


And cutting............


And chiseling...........


And prying...........

Until I finally made it to the top!!!!!


But uh oh. I had come to a crossroad. What do I do now???
Do I take up the carpeting in the hallway?
Or leave it? Decisions, decisions.
..............Well, of COURSE I pulled it up too!!!!

And it was no surprise that I found stains. These stains confirmed my decision to rip up the carpeting in the hallway.

I pulled up the carpeting then pulled up the padding and revealed a charming hardwood floor landing.

And here we are at the end of Phase II with the carpeting, padding, and nail tacks removed.

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So here we are: demo pretty much done, popcorn ceilings scraped in the hallway, and paint swatches displayed proudly while I overanalyze pick out my color choices. 

My back is sore, muscles ache, and I'm dying for a manicure!!!! LOL :)

But we're moving on. Forging forward with our plan, and I can't wait until its all nice and pretty and worthy of a big reveal!!!!

You can see Phase I by going HERE.

Have a great week and stay dry!


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