Saturday, August 4, 2012

This Week's Thrifty Finds and a little Organization

I am totally PUMPED to show you some of my latest finds, but first off let me start out by saying this weekend was the first weekend in months where I was able to find time to stay in side and organize and clean. I HAD to tackle the guest bedroom, which has overtime become a catch all for all my home decor stash and it was getting way out of control, so it was definitely time to get busy and clean. I go thru it about three or four times a year to purge, organize, and clean and this weekend was one of those times.

As I started cleaning I separated things into categories and here are some of the latest pieces of jewelry deals I have found.  I got these a few weeks ago while shopping at Red Racks with my Mom-

Most of the jewelry was only $0.99 cents, except for one of the pieces.
I was drawn to this navy bangle because I thought it would look great with blue jeans/shorts, or white summer capris.
And I really liked the long length of this corded necklace. I was drawn to the green pendant and beads and think it will look great with sweaters this fall/winter.

These bracelets were a bit more because they were from Coldwater Creek so of course the price was higher for them than the other jewelry but I thought it was still a good deal so I bought them. I really like the neutral tone/sea shell look of the bracelets.

And this necklace also sports a lot of neutral and brown tones that I like, along with the silver beading and at $0.99 cents, you can't go wrong!!! 
So as I was cleaning out the room, the biggest item getting in the way was this oak bookshelf. I found it at a local thrift store for a whopping $7 bucks! We need storage and have lots of little nooks where this guy would fit so needless to say it came back home with me! It is not real wood but it is however in great shape with a beveled edge around the top and a nice curve around the base so it has good bones and I plan on redoing it sometime soon with a paint treatment.

Here's my latest Fall and Holiday decor:

 I am totally in {LOVE} with this pillow! It was such a good find at only $1.99and it has sturdy zipper hardware and piping, and not to mention the colors are EXACTLY what I plan on accessorising with this fall!

The owl platter was a TJ Maxx purchase....not thrifted, but he was very affordable and cute!, and black haunted house is a tea light house that I will use at Halloween when I set up my haunted house display.

I also love this Jack-o-Lantern candy dish and I plan on sitting him out during Halloween filled with candy. He's actually from Kohl's and I got him at the Goodwill for about $1.99.
The holiday items consist of a couple cookie tins, fake evergreen floral picks with pine cones, spool of red and green ribbon, and then a snow man tin vase. I was also lucky to find this lamp post that I will use when I set up my snowman village at Christmas time. ...and yes, the light actually WORKS too!

Then of course I found a couple white ironstone platters-one with scalloped edge and one with a plain edge, and two blue and white ironstone plates.

....and I am in complete LOVE with these blue and white ironstone plates. They are in great shape and you can't go wrong with classic blue and white....its so tres chic! :)

Then there was this Quaker Oat Meal tin. I have wanted one of these for a VERY long time and I finally found one this past week for only $0.99.  Reminds me of my grandparents cubbard from when I was little. I remember the old saltine tins, this tin with the oats, and the animal cracker tins.  If I could find those other tins I'd snatch them up in a heartbeat too!

 The date on the bottom says 1982.

And finally a while back I found these two pictures for half price at the Goodwill that I plan on using in my laundry room makeover. I'm starting to collect stuff for the laundry room and it will soon get a makeover that is long over due!

.....And there's the bulk of my July thrift store finds that I had left to share with you.

Now for the room is the BEFORE & AFTER!

So how about THAT for progress???!!! I'm not completely finished with the room but its definitely a start and now I know where everything is and its all easily accessible. 

....And there you have the very reason behind my blog name-DECORATED CHAOS. Now that everything is organized I can't wait to pick back up on my projects....many of them are in this room....don't look too hard or you may see them!!!!   :)


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  1. Great finds that corded necklace and your ironstone!
    Your newest follower, Francine

  2. You found some awesome ironstone platters there! What will you do with them? I just hung a bunch on my dining room wall, come check out my post if you like. Now following you...

  3. Hello fellow thrifter - I recently found an old saltine cracker tin ($2). The Lux prints are tres adorbs!

    Popped in from Wow Us Wednesday.

  4. I love your finds! I wish I had this luck when I went thrifting. Thanks for sharing on Marvelous Mondays!

  5. You have such a good eye for treasures... and a great talent for stretching a $ too! I would wear every piece of jewerly!!! And you found ironstone!!! Are you going to hang it? So nice to find you... I am a new follower!


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