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Pottery Barn Inspired Fur Pillow-No Sew

Pottery Barn Inspired Pillow

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Well its no surprise that we all love these gorgeous pillows and throws from our beloved Pottery Barn, I mean what's not to love?

(Pottery Barn)
The soft and fuzzy feel of the fur is so luxurious and not to mention warm on those cold wintry days!

I wanted one BAD but with the holidays fast approaching and my wedding coming up in a matter of months it is VERY important that I stick to my budge,t so I kind of brushed off the thought of getting one of these until this............
I found a yard of this yummy fur fabric in the clearance bin at HobLob!

It was only $3.59!!!!!  No brainer. I will take it!

So in the cart it went, faster than I could blink my eyes at the fact that it was so cheap!!!

Now that I had the material to MAKE a pillow, I had to ask myself if I was up for the challenge of sewing..............and then it hit me. Why don't I try making a "no sew" pillow!
(still scared of the sewing machine folks)

So off I went to the aisle with glues and bonding agents to find a glue that would hold such a bulky fabric and now for the show.

Here is how you make a no-sew fur pillow:

Step 1
Decide the size of your pillow and cut fabric accordingly.
I knew that I had just enough pillow fill for a smaller pillow so I decided to make an accent pillow versus a large throw pillow.

Step 2
Turn over and fold in half, then fold a seam along the long end and apply a generous line of glue along the seam.
Fold seam over and let dry.
Right now you are just folding a lip/seam along the raw edge of the long end of one piece so that when the two large pieces are brought together the long bottom end will camouflage where the two pieces came together.
Also, by folding over the material you now only have to adhere three sides versus four.

Once the seam is folded set something on top of it like a book to keep the two pieces together while the glue dries .
This material is puffy so it has a tendency to spring back up, hence the need for a book.
Let completely dry over night, maybe even an extra day if you used a lot of glue like I did. :)
After the seam has dried go ahead and run a glue bead along the furry part of the seam and the back of the larger piece of fabric and join the two pieces.
Now you basically have a tube that is open at the two short ends.
Let glue dry over night.
Step 3
Now you have your tube and all you need to do is glue the two small sides together along the inside/wrong side.
Let glue dry over night.
Step 4

Now you have a tube that is secure on three of the four sides. Simply fill your pillow tube with your filling then bring the last side (short side) together with glue or bonding tape.

I chose to finish my pillow with bonding tape on the last side.
(more on that in another post)

If you decide to use the tape do NOT use the kind that requires heat like an iron. I am afraid if you iron this material it will get matted down, so I do not recommend it.
And that's it!
You have now just made yourself a 'NO-SEW'
designer look- alike for roughly $9-$10 bucks!
My fabric was $3.59
Glue (that I am using on multiple projects)$3
Bag of poly-fill $2.99 from thrift store
I liked using glue because it was so easy to work with BUT you have to deal with drying time. I worked on this for a few minutes every night after work and had it done in a few days. 
If you use the bonding tape you can have this made in about 15 minutes!!!! Easy peasy!
I tried the pillow in different spots around the house and I just can't quit looking at it!
I LOVE IT!!!!!
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These would make fabulous gifts for a teenager who is into animal print, or anyone really. After all, who doesn't like fur??!!
They are super easy to make and the furry material is easy to work with and very forgiving/hides imperfections so its a great project for anyone to try.
Have a wonderful day!

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