Saturday, June 16, 2012


SHHEEWW! I've been out of commission for the last five weeks and I'm glad to finally be BACK! Yes...I'm brining sexy back.....LOL :)

Ok, maybe not "sexy" but I'm brining back my blog and have some projects that I would like to share with you. Before I do I just want to say that we have been extremely busy so far this summer tackling some home projects-one of which is restaining our deck. Man oh man. If you have ever done this yourself as a DIY you KNOW what I'm talkin' about when I say how exhausting and time consuming it is. Our house is now 10 years old and the deck is cedar and was stained when it was first built. About 5 years later it was powerwashed and stained again and that stain looked horrible. It did not take so it was chipping and flakey and made the deck look dirty, so this time we did our RESEARCH and FOLLOWED INSTRCTIONS like nice little homeowners should do! LOL

and NO, I am NOT being paid or endorsed by HD or Behr but this IS what we used and we really liked it. It is the solid color stain and it is full coverage so the deck is protected for 10 years so we're all about it.

I will post pics later on of the deck after I show you my finished projects.

Here is one of the things I am currently working on:

Stay tuned for more as I bring sexy back LOL ......I'm almost done and will have more pics to share soon!


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  1. You had me at "bringing sexy back!" hahaha... I am excited to see what you are doing with the pretty scrolly thingy... P.S. did you know that you are a "no-reply" blogger? I wanted to reply to your sweet comments!


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