Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cottage Table-another project in the works

Well, its no suprise by the way I decorate and by the pins I post on Pinterest that I {LOVE} cottage decor, so when I found this old (and dirty might I add) table at the GW my intentions were to "sabby it up" so that it fit into the style of our home. (please ignore my flip flops) LOL

So here sits my next project, (one of my next all know I'm an ADD decorator), sanded and wiped down but nothing done yet. The HARDEST part is to decide on a color!!! I'm thinking about putting it outside on our deck, but it would also fit perfectly in our guest bathroom dowstairs, so I'm torn!!!

Here is some inspiration for what I have in mind:

Thinking maybe I could paint it white and distress it like this???? OR...

God BOLD and paint or stain it a bright color so it is a focal point???? OR...

Or keep it white and add a "cottagey" design like these pastel stripes, or use a stensil and do a chevron pattern or something like that.?????

HHHMMM, sice this is a BLANK slate there are so many choices and I'm having a hard time deciding!

For now I will continue to search and brainstorm, meanwhile begin tackling my other projects and begin working on the memo board I showed you in my other post.

I hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying your summer!



  1. I say go for bold! I like the blue in the second inspiration photo and I like the bluish green table in the third photo. I think both colors would look great!

  2. I love all the ideas. I think I am kinda of diggin' the last one as well.


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