Monday, June 25, 2012

BBQ Boutique

In Kansas City we are known for our BBQ and steaks, so needless to say there is an abundance of BBQ restaurants here, but I enjoy going to one particular place called Summit BBQ. Why is Summit BBQ better than the rest?......wweeelllll, let me tell you it is because it is family owned for one thing, and the food is good, but you may be suprised to know that the restaurant is also a BOUTIQUE! YES, that is right, a restaurant AND boutique! You can SHOP and EAT BBQ at the SAME TIME! WHO KNEW!?!?

Summit BBQ is located in the southern part of the city in a suburb called Lees Summit and its right off of 50hwy. When you walk in the hotess stand is all decked with seasonal decor and homewares that are for sale.

Then as you are seated by your hostess you are taken to your table and there are all sorts of little vignettes and rooms to walk through.

Here is one of the jewelry displays.

Once we're seated I make my rounds discovering all the little nooks and nitches the owners have set up with all sorts of cool things.

Here is a butterfly made out of grapevine and moss. Very cool and unique!

Here is another vignette with an old dresser. I spent probably a half hour just looking over everything in this room. There were burlap lined baskets, pottery, wrought iron pieces, old buckets, candles, stensiled pillows...the place was PACKED with FABULOUS pieces and I wanted EVERY

one of them! LOL

Oh and I loved this picture and necklace!

And take a look at this ADORABLE chaddy all decked out wth a rustic look. Those are twigs nestled in there for a "nesting" look. It was a really cute chandalier!

And yet another vignette set up with so many gorgeous pieces! I was in HEAVEN!

Finally I had to go back to the table and order my food and eat. (who wants to EAT when here is so much shopping to do???) LOL

So the shopping is great and fun, but the food is good too and served in generous portions that allow you to have leftovers and enjoy your meal a second time around. {YUM!}

Even the cashier station is decked out with style! I don't know how the waitstaff can walk around there all day and not go crazy buying up everything?!?!

After eating, Mr.Chaos was a sweetheart and didn't let me leave Summit BBQ empty handed. He bought me a yellow necklace that I was eyeballing earlier in the night.

So if you are in KC, or just driving through, you HAVE to check out Summit BBQ on the south side of the city in Lees Summit. The food is good and you will highly enjoy miandering through all the little rooms and vignettes set up with the coolest, cutest, homewares and jewelry a girl could ask for!!! They even sell lotions, soaps, and what not too!

Did you discover any new places this weekend? Is there a place you would like to tell us about that is similar to this? I'm always up to learn about places to visit when I travel so please, do share!

Happy Monday!



  1. That food looks so good! My husband and I are suckers for good bbq. Found you on the Sunday Social and am happy to be your newest follower! I would love for you to visit me back at! :)

  2. Very cool post, Jennifer. I have not heard of Summit BBQ...I think I just might have to mention it to David. He loves BBQ, so he can indulge in some of his favorite food and I can shop/look at cool stuff. :)


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