Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trash to Treasure...I think I'm in {LOVE}!

I have been falling behind on my DIY projects over the past couple of weeks because of our weather. Its either too hot, raining, or windy. We've had strong wind for about a week so now that all that has passed over us the sun is out and its back into the 80s. Perfect weather to pick back up on my prjojects!

So I started out with this thrift store iron piece that had been painted a flat, dull, green color. It also had a CARDBOARD backing on it that was warped and looked hideous. (You can read about that in my earlier post from a few days ago).

Needless to say the first thing I did was rip that baby off the back and expose the wrought iron scrollwork and gave everythig a light sanding and cleaning.

Before I began revamping it, I had to decide what I was going to do with it. My intention was to put it in my beachy bathroom so I decided to paint it a metallic silver, thinking it would look good with our silver faucet and drawer pulls. WRONG! It was the epic fail of all fails and I'm embarassed to show you how it looked!

But here it is. NOT the look I was going moving on....
So I regrouped, sanded the metallic silver paint down, and decided to go with oil rubbed bronze. Until now I had never painted with oil rubbed bronze spray paint so I had NO idea what I was MISSING! HELLO! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!!! This stuff is {fabulous} and I've got a list of things now I'd love to paint with it!

I used Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

Seriously {LOVE} this spraypaint!

And sprayed right over all of that silver metallic I had on there.
aaaaah, MUCH better!

And Voila!
Now it is BEAUTIFUL and looks ike an expensive piece of wall art! ....all from a can of spray paint!

I removed the old cardboard backing and gave it a nice coat of paint.
The oil rubbed bronze spray paint gave a slight metallic brown/black color that was absolutely beautiful and clean looking. To get even coverage you really need to spray light, even, mists and let it dry inbetween coats. I gave this piece two coats and a final touch up coat and I am very happy with the results.


Here is an up close look at the what do you think? I've seen a lot of you use this paint but I think there are others like me who are still virgin oil rubbed bronze painters. If you have not yet tried this, I HIGHLY recommed it! (and NO, I'm not being paid to say that).

Here is the before (dull and boring with cheap cardboard on the back) and sent to the thriftstore!

And here is a side by side. Now by opening up the back and letting the light shine through the wrought iron really pops.

Now, Mr. Chaos has a job to do and once it is hung up I will show you the final resting place of this piece. For now I had to share with you all the transformation from TRASH to TREASURE and remind you how much a little can of spray paint can transform your world!

Spray on my friends, spray on!!!


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  1. Just found you now following....Love the new color

  2. I love it! That ORB Spray Paint is one of my faves!


  3. I can think of tons of stuff to use that paint on! Oooh, I see a trip to the store in the near future!
    Love the transformation.

  4. Love the color. Great job! Thank you for sharing. Visiting from POPP. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  5. Kathryn, Thank you-I'm glad you liked the ORB. I just listed this on your linky party and I will add you to my linky party list for Mondays.

    Have a great day!

  6. Wow! What a transformation! I love how it turned out! Thanks for linking up to the Pomp Party! Hope to see you back next week!


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