Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Christmas Present to Myself & Giveaway Winner!

Well, what can I say? Being an adult, and adult home owner nonetheless, means sometimes we have to sacrifice fun stuff we like to do in exchange for something we HAVE to do.
Through all the home décor posts, holiday mantels, and recipes I have shared with you, there is one spot that I rarely show.
And that is this space.
My side yard.
It is the side between the house and the garage where there was once a breezeway that was eventually finished into a real room that I use as my mudroom and office.
About five years ago this space use to be filled with weeds and random plantings that the previous homeowners put in.
I dug it all up, put down pavers to define the space, and then planted this little vignette:
It was a major improvement and looked good for one summer
(and yes, the window was bad back then too)
but over time the plants became over grown
and those sedum (live forevers) drew way too many bees for being so close to the house,
so I dug it all out and now it sits empty again, and my window has worsened beyond repair so now it has to be replaced.
Merry Christmas to me!
I get to treat myself to a new window.

See the wood rot? I tried to buy some time by filling in all the cracks and weak spots with waterproof outdoor caulking, and it worked for a while, but the time has come for a replacement.
This is something that a person may never have to do if they buy a house with new windows.  Mine were estimated to have been installed in the late 80s or early 90s, and the window is framed with wood, which overtime will eventually need to be replaced.
So here I am. The lucky home owner who gets to have her window replaced.
(feel the sarcasm?) LOL  
Windows are something I know very little about.
So where do I begin researching?
 I discovered a company called They do all the leg work for you by connecting you with contractors in your area for your specific need. 
All you do is go online, tell them what you are looking for, and the contractors will contact YOU.
No need to spend my lunch hour making phone calls and following up on voice mails, or researching online at night.
They do it for me!

So I guess the silver lining to this cloud is that I will get a new window for Christmas, which will help beautify this side of the house that has been a pain in my rear for so long.


*And congradulations to Jennifer O.! She is the winner of the Bona floor care giveaway.


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