Monday, October 5, 2015

A Road Trip to the Most Haunted Town In Kansas

One Saturday in October, before I started blogging, Mr.Chaos and I took a road trip about 40 minutes North of Kansas City to Atchison, KS.
These pics were taken before blogging when I date stamped all my pictures. LOL So I apologize for that and decided to keep it real and not edit them. I want you to see them just as they are when I took the pictures.
Atchison is tagged as the most haunted town in Kansas and each Fall they offer lots of fun Halloween festivities like a cemetery lantern walk, ghost stories, murder mysteries and haunted trolley rides around town to all of the haunted houses.
We decided that we would drive up there, eat dinner, see a museum, and take a haunted trolley ride.
This was so much fun!!!!!
During the trolley ride your driver will guide you through the city streets and drive you by huge old Victorian houses that each have a scary store to tell.
-stories of gore, death, disappearances, and ghost sightings!
Here are a few pictures I took from the trolley:

Although this white house above is one of the smaller homes on the tour, it is one of the most haunted and has a gruesome story to tell.
It is called "The Sallie House".
I love this old Victorian house that was on the tour.
Haunted McInteer house in Atchison, Kansas

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This is a tour for all ages. The kids will love hearing all the spooky stories and the hubs can sit back and enjoy the ride too. You can do a walking tour of the haunted houses, but if its raining or cold you wont enjoy it as much as you would on the trolley, so I HIGHLY recommend taking this tour and doing it as close to Halloween as possible!

So while in Atchison, we walked through the shops in the downtown area, including a visit (of course) to Nell Hills.

For those of you that don't know, Nell Hills' original store is in Atchison.

So you HAVE to include a stop by there too! She gets about 75,000 visitors annually and you can tour her home too.


Here I am downtown....

We ran into a couple that had pet pigs.

They were so cute and I had to get a picture!!!!

We stopped and had a bite to eat at a restaurant down by the river.....

And earlier in the day, before the haunted trolley tour, we toured the home/museum of Amelia Earhart.
Yes, the little town of Atchison is also the home of Amelia Earhart!


Atchison is also a big rail road town so we had to stop by the kid area and take pics by the train.
(I'm a kid at heart) LOL

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It was a fun day and a nice road trip that wasn't too far from home.
For such a small town there is a lot to see and do here!
For more information on the Haunted Trolley tour go HERE.
Tickets sell out fast, especially for the tours the night before and day of Halloween.


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