Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thrifty Finds-Pottery Barn and Spode

It is no surprise that I am in love with burlap, oil rubbed bronze, and wire baskets! But aren't we all????

As for my new wire baskets, I knew I would use them to organize my ever expanding collection of random dishes. I like all kinds of designs and colors so I have collected a variety of dishes over the years.

I have some fine china pieces, regular everyday dishes, ironstone, Fiesta Ware, etc. so I thought these wire baskets would be a great way to display my collection.

Here are some of my latest finds:
This cute white saucer with beading and fleur de lis style edging-

And I found this little blue and white saucer that I thought was beautiful! I really love the scalloped edges and classic blue and white toile look.

Then, as I was digging deep in the bins at the local thrift shop, I stumbled upon this cute set of four dishes from Pottery Barn. Its their "Sunflower" pattern.

I got them for about $1.99 each and they are in perfect shape! See the detail in the sunflower petals???

Here is a closer view-

I just fell in love with their color. The shade of blue is just right-not too dark and not too light, and it coordinates well with my other colors too!

And you know, blue is coming back. It is one of the hottest colors of 2013. It already made a comeback recently in Coastal design and French Country design, but it appears to be making a full comeback over the next year or so, and its no surprise. Blue is a very pretty color and is so pleasing to look at-very soothing and such a classic color!

I however, prefer green and red normally, but I am a sucker for the classic blue and white combo!

Ta da!

Here they are-the plates and the basket. I think its a perfect match!

And yes, there are my green dishes right next to them, but the blue ones coordinate  nicely too. Most of my home decor is green, yellow, red, or blue, which is classic French country, so these plates will coordinate but they're just a little bit different enough to be a focal point.

And just when I thought that was all the blue and white I would find, I discovered a set of four blue and white Spode plates at another GW that I visit regularly.

You know me.....I scope out a few shops weekly so I KNOW what each one has on hand and these plates had a yellow sticker so I kept my eye on them every time I would go in to the store just waiting for them to go on sale and when I drove by on Sunday and found that the yellow stickers had gone on sale for 50% off I ran in and snatched them up!

The store was extremely busy that day too, so I'm still shocked that I was successful with holding out on the price, but nonetheless, I was and I am HAPPY to have them in my collection!

Sorry for the dark pictures. These were taken at night. There are four different patterns and shapes to the plates so even though all of them are blue and white, the varied patterns and shape keep it interesting.

Here is a better picture of them displayed on the hutch. I simply put them inside my cake dome for display next to my white ironstone plates. If you do not have a cake dome I highly recommend getting one. This one turns into a punch bowl too so it has a dual purpose which is nice.

I love the blue and white classic!

So there ya have it. Just some of my latest thrifty finds. I have been very lucky to find a lot of Pottery Barn lately. The key is being persistent and visiting several stores when you get a chance, and sometimes you gotta dig!
So do you like organizing with wire baskets? How about cake domes and cloches? 
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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